Veronica Karas provides retirement planning for the sandwich generation

Veronica Karas, author of the Money Matters series, is a FINANCIAL PLANNER™ CERTIFIED professional specializing in retirement planning.

With over a decade of experience under her belt, Veronica Karas helps people from all backgrounds and financial backgrounds. She helps teach people about saving, investing and more.

Karas’ current focus is providing financial advice to the sandwich generation. This is the generation that has to take care of its aging parents as well as its own children.

Its goal is to reduce the financial and emotional stress of this demographic. In particular, Karas wants to help these people save for retirement.

As Veronica explains, “I want to help people plan for retirement while balancing the rest of their lives — kids, caring for aging parents, building businesses, and more!”

She is acutely aware of the burdens this demographic faces. With so many financial obligations, these people tend to spend more than they save and are less likely to make investments for the future.

Such tax decisions end up derailing this generation’s retirement plans. When retirement finally comes, many of these people do not have enough money to live on. Veronica aims to end this vicious circle.

Karas understands that every individual, couple and family is different. They have unique income opportunities, tax responsibilities, personal requirements and more.

That is why his plans are always tailored to specific situations. She carefully considers each circumstance and creates a system that adapts to each particular lifestyle. This level of personalization enjoys a higher success rate with its customers.

She is also able to help individuals and families with a variety of financial issues. Although she focuses on retirement planning, she also provides many other services.

This includes overcoming tax burdens, maximizing savings, increasing investment income, organizing estate planning, and even organizing college funds.

Karas also works with people at all stages of their lives. This includes young people who want to be in control of their finances, couples who are getting married and want to know how to combine their finances, and people with children who want to maintain the family wealth.

Its goal is to ensure that these people can become financially independent and stable in a way that suits their lifestyle. Thus, his approach ensures that people can enjoy an excellent quality of life while saving and planning for the future.

Veronica CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ is uniquely qualified to help clients with financial challenges. She has an MBA, extensive experience in investment research, and works as a senior financial planner to help families align their financial resources to achieve their dreams and goals.

She has also written several books – Money Matters: Everything You Should Have Learned in School, but Didn’t, Money Matters: Merging Lives, Merging Finances and Money Matters: Avoid Getting ‘Sandwiched’ Out of Retirement.

Her many years in finance and financial planning ensure that Veronica has seen all angles of advice. This allows him to pass on his knowledge and experience to his clients. It prepares them for what to expect in a wide variety of financial situations.

Karas strives to demystify various financial concepts, from taxes to savings to investments. She breaks down the facts and figures so people from all walks of life can understand how to improve their financial situation in a way that works for them.

Veronica’s experience in investment research makes her qualified to offer investment advice. She guides clients towards investment options that correspond to their financial situation as well as their personal convictions.

Consulting with Veronica is simple – she offers a free consultation call for newcomers. She can be reached via her website or her Facebook page.

About Veronica Karas

Veronica Karas is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional with over a decade of financial planning and investment experience. She is also the author of the Money Matters series. Its main objective is to help all people turn their dreams into reality by saving, preparing and planning their lives. To learn more about Veronica Karas and her services, check out her Facebook page.

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