Square presents the next generation of Square Stand

Square unveiled the next generation of Square Stand, the company’s countertop device that turns an iPad into a powerful and robust point-of-sale system that sellers can use to run their entire business. Launching simultaneously in all eight of Square’s global marketplaces, Square Stand offers integrated contactless and dip checkout technology, a sleek, professional design, and a new checkout flow that gives businesses and their customers a more intuitive, seamless commerce experience. and streamlined.

The redesigned Square Stand gives businesses an affordable, comprehensive, and easy-to-use device for doing commerce. Square Stand combines Square’s point-of-sale software and hardware into one comprehensive solution, enabling sellers to accept in-person payments and manage e-commerce sales, deliveries and online purchases, collect in-store orders from one place. Retaining the swivel design of its predecessor, the new Stand integrates Square’s super-fast contactless and smart card readers into the display, helping salespeople simplify their counters and keep their lines moving while eliminating the need additional payment material.

The new Square Stand also transforms the shopper experience. New software for Square Stand creates a faster, more seamless checkout process that includes an order summary screen and illuminated checkout icons on the front of the device to guide customer transactions and expedite purchases. These additions give sellers and buyers the benefits of a customer display without the need for a second screen.

The new Square Stand is compatible with the iPad (2021, 2020, 2019), iPad Air (2019) and iPad Pro 10.5″.