Snoop Dogg wants to bridge the generation gap with new album – Music News

Snoop Dogg wants “the algorithm” to be something for “the whole house”.

The hip hop icon has formed a supergroup with the best artists from the past, present and future of Def Jam Recordings, and he hopes the album can bridge a generation gap.

He told the ‘Rolling Stone Music Now’ podcast: ‘It works both ways, in terms of knowing that there is a younger generation out there that probably didn’t know anything about my music in the 90s.

“So I also have to make music for them. But at the same time, I also have to make music for their moms and dads.

“So, I’m just trying to make sure I take care of the whole house.”

The legendary rapper also opened up about his flow and how he helped kickstart the idea of ​​making line beginnings rhyme.

He explained, “Kindergarten. Primary school, paying attention to my teachers. They teach you all this in school, basically.

“I was careful with the words, the rhymes, the rhythms. I studied a lto of the great MCs before me.

“I always wanted to be either a beat behind them or a beat in front of them, in terms of my cadence, my flow. Just being a student of the game, wanting to be awesome, wanting to perfect this thing called hip hop.”

Meanwhile, “Snoop Dogg Presents The Algorithm” is expected to feature artists like Busta Rhymes, Wiz Khalifa, Eminem, Method Man and more, and the musician has enjoyed competing against other artists.

He explained, “You want, when you get a feature, to have to f ****** work your a **. You want someone to come onto the playing field, score points and never let the workout where you got I got to rethink your shit and say, “Damn, that’s what he thinks of me. That’s why he’s going so hard because he knows I’m going to equal him on the same level. “

“That’s what it is when you record a record with people you love and your family. It’s competitive but it’s competitive for the right reasons, to get the best out of everyone.”