“Singha Soda” aims to inspire the new generation of Thai NFTs in the global market with an NFT art contest

Mr. Titiporn Thammapimookkul, Marketing Manager – Brand of Boonrawd Trading Co., Ltd., revealed that Soda Singha has never stopped running innovative, forward-looking marketing campaigns to constantly excite consumers. “Singha Soda” has moved the market through collaborations with the fashion, music and art industry, for example, the “Singha Soda Battle of the Year Thailand”, which is one of Thailand’s biggest hip-hop competitions and one of the longest. running Singha Soda’s campaigns, collaborating with Mister Cartoon, a global tattoo artist, in his limited edition label design, and collaborating with “Dry Clean Only”, an international Thai fashion brand, launching from a special collection available worldwide, all of each represented the brand’s identity and resonated with its target audiences.

Singha Soda recently shook up the market once again by going digital with “Singha Soda NFT Art Contest”, which invites everyone to savor their creativity and design Singha Soda in their own way. The digital art contest will reward up to 400,000 Baht with top NFT artists like Palm Instinct, PUCK, Sahred Toy, Jeff Aphisit and Jecks bkk looking to inspire the contestants. The winner’s artwork will be sold on Singha Soda’s Opensea account. The campaign will reinforce the brand’s image of excitement and innovation, creating new ways to engage consumers across the ages.