CorPower Ocean to host online launch of ‘next generation’ C4 wave energy converter

CorPower Ocean is about to officially launch its next-generation C4 wave energy converter alongside its new “CorPack concept” providing the building blocks for future wave energy farms.

The unveiling, held at SPACE Arena in Stockholm, Sweden, will be streamed online from 1:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. CET on June 15. The event is accessible to the press and the public via registration here

It comes as the wave energy developer prepares to deliver its flagship HiWave-5 project in northern Portugal, with an ocean deployment planned for later this year.

The new large-scale CorPower C4 device will eventually become part of a four-system wave energy network, located offshore Aguçadoura, creating one of the world’s first grid-connected wave farms.

The HiWave-5 project is the result of a decade of intense product development and three decades of wave hydrodynamics research. Led by one of the largest and most experienced wave energy teams in the world, it marks a final step towards commercialization as part of a broader mission to make wave energy competitive with wind. and solar by 2030.

“After a decade of development effort, we are thrilled to unveil the CorPower C4 and CorPack – our first commercial-scale products,” said Patrik Möller, CEO of CorPower Ocean.
“This event, open to the press and the public, will mark a new era for wave energy. The online event will give you an overview of the role wave energy can play in accelerating the energy transition, and a deep dive into the design and demonstration of our wave energy technology at commercial scale.

“CorPower Ocean is on a mission to power the planet with clean energy from ocean waves. Due to its consistent and complementary power profile, it helps stabilize the clean energy mix – filling the gaps in wind and solar power – to enable a world fully powered by renewables, 24/7 every day of the year. CorPack wave clusters, our building blocks for the largest wave parks, are plug and play compatible with offshore wind infrastructure. This enables wind-wave hybrid farms that provide more consistent power using a shared onshore power connection. It also allows wave power to fit into the continued expansion of offshore wind for decades to come, en route to a carbon-free future.

CorPower Ocean is working with a wide range of international partners, including the Portuguese electricity company EDP, to realize the historic Hi-Wave project. It aims to bring WEC certified and guaranteed products to market by 2024/25, pushing wave energy into the future green energy mix as a bankable technology.

HiWave-5 is supported by a purpose-built €16 million R&D, manufacturing and service center located in the port of Viana do Castelo. This facility will also provide long-term development of supply and service capacity for commercial wave energy farms.
Source: CorPower